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eBay and VIP Fan Auctions Unveil Final Orange is the New Black Fan Sale Honoring the Series Finale Release on Netflix

eBay News Team

Fans can shop more than 950 props and costumes used during filming of all seven seasons, including Crazy Eyes' radio, Taystee's prison uniform and Piper's contraband phone

Today, Netflix released the seventh and final season of Orange is the New Black, and to honor the hit original series, eBay and VIP Fan Auctions (vipfanclubs) are launching their second shopping event featuring authentic props and costumes from the show. The auctions will run on eBay from July 26th through September 20th, with each item available for seven days and more than 100 new items added every Friday. Each drop gives fans an exclusive opportunity to bid on items spanning every season, from the inmates' prison IDs to Lorna's Dolce & Gabbana dress.

"It's tough to see this series come to an end, but eBay is here for fans that want a reminder of the incredible characters and their on-screen journeys," said Sam Bright, Vice President of Merchandising at eBay. "A collection like this – whose items represent nearly every member of the beloved cast – is always a rare find but enthusiasts know they can come to eBay for these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.”

"Orange is the New Black may be over, but lovers of the show don't need to say goodbye just yet," said Mark Kaminky, Managing Partner at VIP. "Our second auction on eBay extends a new opportunity to viewers that want to find their piece of the story and remember all of the action they enjoyed along the way."

eBay and VIP Fan Auctions' first Orange is the New Black sale featured iconic items used during filming, including Piper's prison jumpsuit worn by Taylor Schilling, Alex's glasses worn by Laura Prepon, and Nicky's talisman necklace worn by Natasha Lyonne. Other prop sales from VIP Fan Auctions include items from shows like House of Cards, Creed 2 and more.

To shop costumes and props from Orange is the New Black, visit www.ebay.com/OrangeistheNewBlack and follow @eBay on social.