25th Anniversary

eBay Celebrates 25 Years: Passions and Interests Shoppers Can’t Live Without

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As a destination for rare, retro and right now items, we flashback to the collectibles, memorabilia and more that shoppers have found over the years on eBay.

Editor’s note: To celebrate our 25th anniversary at eBay, our four-part article series takes a look at shopping over the last quarter century on our marketplace. 

Since 1995, millions of shoppers have turned to eBay to find the latest goods and extraordinary inventory, including rare and vintage items from categories they’re passionate about. This year, eBay is celebrating its 25th anniversary by looking at some of the most popular passions and interests — from fashion, comic books, entertainment collectibles and more — that shoppers have found on the eBay marketplace.

Historic Sports Events that Rallied Fans

What better way to signal fandom than with a little merch, whether it's a Funko! Pop or an MVP’s jersey. Regardless of sport, team affiliation or generation, eBay has consistently been a one-stop-shop for sports lovers looking for new ways to show off their passion. Here are the top stand-out moments that drove fans to eBay.

02 ebay 25 passions interests 400 sports

Generations Captivated by a Galaxy Far, Far Away

No saga has claimed the public’s attention quite like Star Wars, from the kids spellbound by “A New Hope” in the 1970s to today’s masses bingeing “The Mandalorian” to get a glimpse of Baby Yoda. And from this fervor came a passion for real-world toys and collectibles that transcend generations - including these shopper favorites.

03 ebay 25 passions interests 200 memorabilia

Breakout Video Games Since 1995

Perhaps the category in this list that has taken the most technological strides, gaming can be all-consuming and the ultimate hobby for those wanting a little escape. What began as the handheld console in the 90s has evolved to sophisticated, immersive experiences that just about everyone can enjoy. These are the standout games for the ages. 

04 ebay 25 passions interests 400 gaming

Enduring Superhero Stories Beloved by Collectors

Nothing forges a deeper connection to beloved heroes like reading their origin story in a mint-condition comic book. This community is passionate and ready to find the latest addition to their collections — including these gems that have snagged shoppers’ interests over time on eBay.

05 ebay 25 passions interests 400 comics

Fashion Trends: From Tie Dye to Velour Tracksuits

To say eBay is a favorite among fashion-forward shoppers is an understatement. Both vintage enthusiasts and fashionistas looking for the latest trends turn to the marketplace for anything from that holy-grail Chanel cross-body bag to the latest tiny sunglasses. Here’s a look at the styles that dominated over the decades.

06 ebay 25 passions interests 400 fashion

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