eBay: Chill This Holiday

eBay News Team

Taking a stand against the “Christmas Creep,” eBay promises no Holiday promotions til November.

We’re 100 days from Christmas and already starting to see companies make early holiday announcements – with reports of early in-store displays and decorations! What’s the rush?!

We love the holidays. But we don’t love the stress-inducing creep that comes with it. Each year, holiday prep and promotions start earlier, and grow bigger, louder and shinier throughout the season. Christmas music in stores in October? Holiday sales before Halloween? It’s gone too far. Even Mariah Carey, the so-called Queen of Christmas, thinks so.

This year, eBay is committing to some much needed holiday chill. Because eBay sellers offer great deals every day, not just holiday discounts, you can find exactly what you want, whenever you want it.

So rest assured, you won’t see any holiday ads, promotions, specials or sales from eBay until November. Instead of bombarding you with holiday messages, we’ll be helping our sellers prepare for their busiest time… and maybe even finding fun ways to call out some of the competition for getting ahead of themselves.

Go ahead, enjoy that Pumpkin Spice Latte and find the perfect Halloween costume. We’ll be ready to holiday when you are.