eBay Expands Instant Sale Program to Offer Consumers Cash for Broken Devices

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Limited-time Promotion Offers Top Dollar for Broken Devices, Plus Bonus $5 eBay Gift Cards and Matching Donations during Earth Month

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eBay today announced that its Instant Sale program, one of the most competitive electronics recycling programs on the market, is offering new, limited-time pricing for broken or damaged iPods, iPhones and iPads, offering consumers more value for their broken gadgets than ever before in celebration of Earth Month. Additionally, eBay will offer every user that sends in their device – broken or not – a bonus $5 eBay gift card and a matching $5 donation to Global Green USA®.

“We are thrilled with the momentum that the Instant Sale trade-in platform has seen on eBay since last Fall – both from a business and an environmental perspective”

The new promotion represents a unique offering within the trade-in market and a rare opportunity for consumers to get cash for gadgets that would otherwise have little to no value. Through April 30, eBay Instant Sale will begin paying up to $150 for broken iPads, $100 for iPhones, and $50 for iPods. Until now, Instant Sale offered free shipping and responsible recycling for all broken items, but limited cash value. This new offer, coupled with a $5 gift card and matching donation for each transaction*, adds considerable incentive for consumers to trade in their gadgets through the program.

Since the inception of the program in October 2010, more than 3.3 million trade-in offers have been generated for everything from iPhones and iPads to laptop computers to camcorders and digital cameras. Most popular devices to date, include smartphones, tablets and mp3 players.

“We are thrilled with the momentum that the Instant Sale trade-in platform has seen on eBay since last Fall – both from a business and an environmental perspective,” said Gregory Boutte, Vice President of Hard Goods for eBay Marketplaces. “In a short period of time, we have established ourselves as a leading destination for consumers looking for great value for their electronics. This Earth Day, we are looking to double down on that value by offering our customers even more cash incentive for using Instant Sale and ensuring their devices get responsibly recycled.”

The eBay Instant Sale program was developed and incubated in eBay’s sustainability and social innovation team in 2010 and has since become one of the company’s marquee sustainability programs. From an environmental perspective, the program offers a compelling engine for reuse and recycling, and gives eBay and its customers the opportunity to address the mounting e-waste problem head-on. According to a recent study, 40% of Instant Sale users felt the program encouraged them to be more environmentally conscious.

eBay today released an infographic that translates the trade-in activity on Instant Sale into carbon savings.

*Limit one per eBay user ID

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