eBay Fashion Offers a Cash Prize and Styling Options for "Project Accessory"

eBay Inc. Staff

A spin-off of successful reality show "Project Runway," the new show highlights eBay as a fashion destination

eBay will contribute $100,000 to the grand prize, enabling the winner to launch an original collection.

The latest in the "Project Runway" family of programs, "Project Accessory" makes its debut tonight on Lifetime. The concept is the same: 12 contestants outwitting and out-stitching each other in an effort to be named the winner. But this season there are no sweeping gowns, mini or maxi dresses or high-waisted trousers to toil over; just all accessories, all the time. Think jewelry, bags, shoes and more.

Guiding them will be supermodel and eBay fan Molly Sims as host, Eva Lorenzotti (founder of luxury shopping catalogue Vivre) as mentor and InStyle Editor-in-Chief Ariel Foxman and designer Kenneth Cole as regular judges.

“My personal favorite wasDaniel Vosovic, but Austin Scarlett came in a close second, if not simply for his silky blouses (not that he made, but that he wore!),” said Karen Sayah, Lead Manager, eBay Public Relations. “Nonetheless, I am ready for a new "Project Runway" contestant to fan-out over. And this time, I am stripping it down. It’s not going to be about the clothes' it’s all about the accessories—"Project Accessory" to be exact.”

Not only is there great variety in terms of the challenges, but viewers will also see the eBay Fashion Styling Wall in each episode. Contestants can supplement their designs by choosing products from the curated wall filled with brand new merchandise, all sourced on eBay Fashion.

eBay will also be providing $100,000 to the show's winning contestant to support him or her in launching a collection.

No doubt there will be cheers, jeers, snapping fingers and bad attitudes,” said Karen. “But we’ll be watching every single second with a smile.” You can follow Project Runway on @eBay_Fashion and eBay Fashion on Facebook  for the inside scoop.