eBay Inc. Acquires Leading Belgian Online Classifieds Sites, 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be

eBay Inc. Staff


eBay Inc. has acquired 2dehands.be and 2ememain. be, the leading online classifieds sites in Belgium. 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be are a staple in Belgian homes, with 5.5 million unique visitors coming to the sites each month.  The sites will join the eBay Classifieds Group, the world leaders in online classifieds, with local sites in more than 25 countries and 1000 cities around the world.

2dehands.be and 2ememain.be will remain free, local Belgian sites and by joining forces with the eBay Classifieds Group, will benefit from the innovative technologies found across eBay’s  global portfolio of classifieds businesses.

eBay Classifieds Group  understands the importance of a local classifieds presence and offering, fitting the needs of the Belgian consumer. The 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be sites will continue to be run by local teams who understand the nuances of the local culture.

eBay Classifieds Group  will invest in the further development of the local Belgian businesses, enhancing the platforms to be faster and more intuitive for users.  Furthermore, given eBay’s expertise in creating leading mobile platforms and the enormous potential for mobile growth for 2dehands.be and 2ememain.be, the development of innovative mobile technologies is a priority for the business.