eBay, Inc. Announces Redemption of Its Outstanding 6.00% Senior Notes Due 2056

Press Release

eBay, Inc. (“eBay” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: EBAY) today announced its intention to redeem all of its outstanding 6.00% Senior Notes due 2056 (CUSIP No. 278642202) (the “Notes”), pursuant to its option under the Indenture, dated as of October 28, 2010 (the “Indenture”), by and among the Company, and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as trustee (the “Trustee”). The redemption date is March 1, 2021 (the “Redemption Date”), and the redemption price is equal to 100% of the principal amount of the Notes to be redeemed, plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, on the principal amount of the Notes being redeemed to the Redemption Date, in accordance with the terms of the Notes. As of the date hereof, there was $750,000,000 aggregate principal amount of the Notes outstanding. Payment of the redemption price will be made through the facilities of The Depository Trust Company.

About eBay

eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in 190 markets around the world. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. The ebay.com marketplace and its localized counterparts, as well as the eBay mobile apps, are among the world’s largest and most vibrant marketplaces for discovering great value and unique selection. For more information, visit ebayinc.com. 

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