eBay Inc. Is One of Best Workplaces in Europe

eBay Inc. Staff


Beating out McDonald's, Unilever and SAP, eBay Inc. has been ranked the 12th best multinational company to work for in Europe.

The ranking, a result of a comprehensive study of organizational culture, recognizes what employees consider the best workplaces in nearly 50 countries around the world.

For the 2013 Best Workplaces in Europe lists, data was provided by more than 2,000 companies that represent more than 1 million employees. To make it on the Best Multinationals list in Europe, a company must have been recognized as a great workplace on at least three national lists, and eBay Inc. notched up 6th place in Germany, 8th in the UK, 13th in France and 14th in Ireland.

 “We are focused on giving employees choice and mobility in how they work,” said Rupert Keeley, senior vice president, PayPal EMEA. “We trust employees to get the job done in ways that work for them and their teams and make sense for the work required. The results of this study are proof to us that employee mobility and flexibility are not only what our people expect from us, it is also what they experience at eBay – and it is essential in driving employee retention and engagement in today’s ever-changing business environment.”

Great Place to Work® assesses workplaces from the perspective of both employees and the organization itself. The Trust Index employee survey accounts for two-thirds of the score, while the company’s Culture Audit accounts for one-third. In the employee survey, eBay Inc. achieved high scores in camaraderie and workplace culture, employee pride in their role and their organization, team spirit and impact on the environment and society. eBay Inc. employees also rated their employer way above the European average on fair pay and benefits they receive.

“You cannot buy a place on this list, and it’s not about marketing a company as a great place to work,” said Jacob Aqraou, Senior Vice President of eBay Marketplaces Europe. “The fact that eBay Inc. made it to the top based on our people’s great feedback on eBay as an employer makes this an even sweeter success.”

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