eBay Inc. Launches Enhanced Careers Site to Attract and Serve Top Talent

eBay Inc. Staff

The redesigned site helps prospective and existing employees find best fits for career goals.

As 2012 begins, eBay Inc. is hiring, and the company’s new and improved eBay Careers site is designed to serve prospective new employees as well as existing ones. This year, the company expects to fill many job requisitions worldwide, with a focus on attracting top external talent and giving existing employees good avenues for building long, rewarding careers.

The new eBay Careers site delivers much more than just job openings. “It gives prospective employees a glimpse into eBay culture, leadership, innovation and work environments,” said Beth Axelrod, eBay Inc.’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “They can also check out stories from current employees, a great feature that shows firsthand what it’s like to build an eBay career.”

Also for prospective employees, the eBay Careers site offers information about eBay Inc.’s growing portfolio of businesses and work locations, all found in one place. Directly from the eBay Careers homepage, job seekers can specify desired workplace locations, levels of experience and areas of interest, then follow a simple “Learn About eBay” link to view customized information.

During 2010 and 2011, eBay Inc. made several acquisitions worldwide, and the eBay Careers site makes it easy to access available positions at all of the company’s business units, including newer ones such as GSI Commerce, Milo and WHERE. Students and prospective interns can also easily find available opportunities.

Additionally, the new eBay Careers site is designed to make it easier than ever for existing employees to take charge of their careers. For the first time, current team members will have their own links on the front page of the Careers site, giving them direct access to internal job listings and information about employee referrals.

eBay Inc.’s Global Talent Acquisition team partnered with TMP Worldwide, a leading recruitment and advertising company, to launch the enhanced eBay Careers site. It is up and running now, and will soon feature more enhancements.

Visit eBay Careers to see how the company is encouraging the best and brightest to join and build lasting, rewarding careers.