eBay Instant Sale: Hit the Jackpot With Up to $475 for iPad® 2 Trade-Ins in Time for the new iPad

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Cash in big with top-dollar tablet trade-in values during eBay’s limited-time offer

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, today announced a limited-time offer for eBay Instant Sale, eBay’s electronics trade-in program, allowing customers to lock-in top-dollar values for tablet trade-ins, including up to $475 for the iPad 2. From today through March 10, customers can hit it big and secure limited-time trade-in offers for their current tablets, in both working and non-working conditions, using eBay Instant Sale. After locking-in their trade-in offer, customers aren’t required to ship their tablet for trade until March 20, ensuring they won’t go “tablet-less” before the new iPad is available on March 16.

“In 60 seconds or less, eBay Instant Sale is helping to put money in people’s hands to use for the new iPad, while allowing them to hang on to their current tablet until the new iPad is available.”

Guaranteed top-dollar trade-in values during the offer period apply to all tablet devices accepted through eBay Instant Sale. Examples of trade-in offers for popular tablets include values of up to:



Working Condition


Non-Working Condition

iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G (AT&T)  






iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G (AT&T)  






iPad 2 16GB  






iPad 1 16GB  






Motorola Xoom™ 32 GB Wi-Fi + 3G/4G  






Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 32GB 4G  






How it works: After securing their guaranteed eBay Instant Sale trade-in value anytime between today and Midnight PT on Saturday, March 10, customers have until Tuesday, March 20 to postmark their tablet for trade-in using the free shipping label provided. Customers will receive payment in the amount of the trade-in value they initially secured once the tablet is received and its condition is verified, even if values decline from the time the customer locks-in their offer to when they ship the item.

eBay Instant Sale is also introducing an easier way for customers to identify the condition of their tablets to secure the best offer available. Instead of asking customers to choose from multiple “condition options” when describing the condition of their tablets, eBay Instant Sale allows customers to simply select between “working” and “not working” conditions. This helps reduce customer confusion in instances where their product is determined by a trade-in program to be in a lesser condition than the customer initially indicated.

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • eBay Instant Sale is an online tool that gives people a cash offer for tablets and other electronics in 60 seconds or less. To date, customers have used eBay Instant Sale to generate more than 7.3 million trade-in offers for electronics products.
  • eBay Instant Sale Tablet Offers At-A-Glance - Since launching in October 2010:
    • More than 640,000 tablet trade-in offers have been generated through eBay Instant Sale
    • Of the total tablet offers generated, 94% have been for iPad models, 4% have been for Android tablets, and 2% have been for tablets running other operating systems.
  • Additional details about eBay Instant Sale and the trade-in process are featured in this video.
  • Anyone can visit instantsale.ebay.com and enter basic information about their tablets or electronics devices to receive a cash offer.
  • Payment will be deposited into the customer’s PayPal account once the item has been received and its condition has been verified.
  • The eBay Instant Sale mobile app for iPhone lets people get an instant trade-in offer for their tablets and other devices on-the-go.
  • In instances where a device has no trade-in value, eBay Instant Sale will responsibly recycle it free of charge. According to Demos, a public policy research and advocacy organization, Americans own 3 billion electronic products with a turnover rate of about 400 million units each year, yet less than 14 percent of those gadgets are recycled. eBay Instant Sale provides an engine for the reuse of functional smartphones, keeping waste out of landfills and preventing new manufacturing.

Spokesperson Quote:

“In the past year, people who want the latest electronics have used eBay Instant Sale in record numbers to trade in their old devices, making trade-ins a natural part of the electronics lifecycle,” said Gregory Boutte, vice president of eBay Electronics and Motors in North America. “In 60 seconds or less, eBay Instant Sale is helping to put money in people’s hands to use for the new iPad, while allowing them to hang on to their current tablet until the new iPad is available.”


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