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eBay Launches Its Vault for Trading Cards

Press Release

Now open for single, graded trading cards $750+, the eBay vault enables collectors to streamline and secure their assets.

Today, eBay, a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, announces the launch of the eBay vault – a 31-thousand square foot, 24/7 secured, temperature controlled facility and digital marketplace for collectors. Beginning today, single, graded trading cards $750+ are eligible for eBay vault access.

The eBay vault is the latest in a series of significant innovations that eBay has introduced to its enthusiasts, bringing together physical and digital capabilities that makes collecting more advanced than ever. The eBay vault not only enables users to manage their collections effectively and efficiently, but fosters the ability to engage in fractionalization while bringing an added layer of trust and confidence to every transaction through eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee. 

“eBay is the only marketplace that has more than two decades of deep collectibles category expertise,” said Dawn Block, VP Collectibles, Electronics and Home at eBay. “As we continue to see exponential growth in the category as enthusiasts merge their passions with investment opportunities, the eBay vault is a critical offering that will let collectors streamline and securely store their portfolio of assets. It’s truly the future of collecting.” 

Prospective buyers can easily identify cards that are already stored in the eBay vault via the vault badge in the listing, while buyers browsing eligible cards not already housed in the vault will have the ability to opt-in when completing their purchase. eBay vault eligibility requires assets to have been bought for $750+ in the U.S., purchased directly on eBay, and graded by top graders in the category, including: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA); Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC); Certified Collectibles Group's affiliates, CGC Trading Cards, Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG); and Beckett Grading Services (BGS)

Once an item is in the eBay vault, “instant sales” becomes a reality with ownership transferring from seller to buyer in a matter of seconds, and no need to re-authenticate or ship the item anywhere. This is crucial for enthusiasts and investors who are buying and selling coveted cards in real-time during a game. With no shipping delay, collectors are able to buy and sell in the midst of critical plays, in the final minutes of a tight game, and immediately on the heels of a trade or retirement announcement. Moreover, with eBay’s Price Guide and Collections tool natively built-in, eBay vault users are able to monitor the real-time market valuation changes of their portfolios, and list items directly from their Collection. eBay’s extensive data catalog provides a holistic view of a collection’s past and present value, offering unprecedented assessment, evaluation, and tracking capabilities. 

By 2023, the eBay vault will expand to include additional collectibles categories and luxury goods. Within a few years, the eBay vault is expected to hold up to $3 Billion in assets, making it one of the largest stores of non-governmental assets in the world.

With the launch of the eBay vault, the company is delivering an unparalleled experience – offering benefits like instant transfer, authentication, insurance, fractional ownership, affordable shipping and a tax free storage location – and giving collectors peace of mind and unprecedented control over their assets.

The eBay Vault for Trading Cards: How it Works 

  • When a service-eligible purchase is made, the buyer instantly becomes the owner once the card passes authentication, and can choose to keep their card stored in the eBay vault or withdraw. 
  • To continue storage, ownership transfers from seller to buyer in a matter of seconds and there’s no need to re-authenticate or ship the item anywhere. There is no time limit for storing in the eBay vault as it’s designed for long-term, secure storage. 
  • Cards destined for the eBay vault are required to go through Authenticity Guarantee, at no cost. If a buyer opts to send their purchase to the eBay vault, the seller will first ship the card to be inspected by independent authentication experts.
  • For withdrawal, the company’s dedicated eBay vault team will meticulously package the card and ship it to the buyer via tracked shipping. 

eBay is continuously listening to its growing community of collectors to ensure the marketplace is delivering what enthusiasts want and need. Earlier this year, eBay expanded its Authenticity Guarantee service to trading cards and in 2021, the company debuted industry-leading tools including Price Guide and Collection and Image Scan.

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eBay Trading Cards By the Numbers

  • In 2021, Trading Cards GMV more than doubled pre-pandemic levels. 
  • In Q1 2022, an average of 2 trading cards were purchased every second on eBay.
  • To date, over 10 million cards purchased on and off eBay have been added to customer Collections.
  • In addition, more than half a million buyers have used the Price Guide tool in search to visualize trends for their favorite trading cards.
  • Top Trading Cards GMV Growth by Categories (Q1 2022):
    • Collectible Card Games
      • Weiss Schwarz - 384% 
    • Non-Sports
      • Harry Potter - 67%
      • Game of Thrones - 49% 
    • Sports
      • Mixed Martial Arts - 55%   
      • Wrestling - 10%