eBay: On Location Video Sessions Available Online for eBay Sellers

eBay Inc. Staff

More than 20 informative seminars can educate eBay sellers on beginning and advanced topics.

In May, more than 700 eBay sellers gathered in Denver, Colorado for a lively eBay: On Location event, which featured more than 20 sessions and presentations focused on sellers. These included sessions on the basics of eBay sales, and more advanced presentations focused on optimizing eBay businesses.

Now, all of the sessions from eBay: On Location are available as free video replays — the next best things to being there. Here are links to these special events, and what you’ll find in each presentation:

General Sessions
Seller Celebration Dinner.  This welcome event introduces many of the sellers in attendance at eBay: On Location Denver, and the event itself.

A Conversation with John and Devin. This video features eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe and eBay Marketplaces President Devin Wenig exploring their thoughts on eBay and the future of ecommerce.

Special Guest: Mark Scharenbroich. Guest speaker Mark Scharenbroich treated the eBay: On Location audience to a humorous and often touching discussion of the importance of community and making connections with others.

Foundation Sessions
Selling 101. Maximize your effectiveness as an eBay seller as you walk through the steps to get started selling and learn how to get top-dollar for your eBay items.

Digital Photography Workshop. It's no secret that great photos can set you apart from your competition. This workshop will highlight proper techniques, use of camera settings, and how to set up lighting and backgrounds to improve the photos in your listings.

Pricing, Payments and Shipping. Learn how to select the best selling format for your item, establish pricing, accept electronic payments with PayPal, and pack and ship your item professionally.

Extreme Listing Makeovers. This engaging course will teach you how to create titles, descriptions, pictures and designs that will attract buyers.

What Do I Sell on eBay? Finding inventory to sell can be a challenge for any seller. Explore the various sources for product open to you and learn how to establish relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

Business Metrics. Your success as a seller depends on your ability to manage your business. This advanced course will focus on how to use online accounting software to record and track your sales, expenses and other costs so you can measure and improve your business.

Next Level Selling
Legal and Tax Aspects of Your eBay Business. Get the answers you need to build a successful — and legal — business on eBay, in a fun, entertaining and fast-paced format.

Answers to Common eBay Business Questions. When does selling stop being a hobby and become a real business? Should I be collecting sales tax? These questions and more are answered in a rapid-fire presentation that can help get part-time sellers ready to become full-time business owners.

Managing Your Customer Service. Your reputation as a seller can make or break your business. In this course, you will learn how to build your own brand by providing superior customer service in the digital age.

Improving Your Selling Operations. Learn how to set up your workspace and manage your operational processes, including how to deliver on one-day shipping. We'll also discuss how to find the right partners and tools to make you an even more efficient seller.

Innovations in Payment Processing. PayPal hosts a a lively overview of new innovations in payment processing. Be one of the first to learn about PayPal Here – combining your in-person & online sales transactions in one payment transaction engine.

Earning and Keeping Top-rated Seller Status. Learn how becoming a Top-rated seller can help you stay competitive and profitable in today's fast changing world of ecommerce. You will get the details on achieving Top-rated seller status and hear about the steps eBay takes to protect your business.

Optimize and Market Your eBay Store. This comprehensive course will show you how to get the most out of eBay Stores' branding and customization tools, as well as effectively manage your eBay Store and Store Inventory listings.

Marketing Your eBay Business. Explore the strategies that will help you define your brand to attract and retain Web 2.0 customers utilizing the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and advanced tactics for connecting with customers through social media.

Finally, at the bottom of this page, you can also find video replays of a series of eBay: On Location presentations focused on insights and ideas. These include panel discussions focused on both buyers and sellers.  We hope you benefit from all of these free, full-length presentations.