Managed Payments

eBay Managed Payments: Google Pay Live; PayPal Integration Complete

Alyssa Cutright, VP, Global Payments, Billing & Risk

We’re adding new payment options, offering buyers flexibility and choice.

It’s been nearly seven months since we rolled out our managed payments experience to a select group of sellers in the US, and I’m encouraged by the results we are seeing for our customers — including more flexibility and payment choices for buyers and streamlined business processes with lower payment costs for sellers.

A little over two weeks ago we let you know that Google Pay would be offered as a new managed payment option for buyers starting in early April. I’m excited to announce that Google Pay is live and we are already seeing a positive response from our buyers.

We’ve also made great progress on the integration of PayPal on the managed payments platform and, starting today, we are making PayPal available in managed payments. We are starting small and, in the coming weeks, we will continue to test and scale this feature to ensure a seamless and successful seller and buyer experience.

Google Pay and PayPal join Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards in our suite of managed payment options. As we continue to build out the experience and the geographies we cover, we will expand the number of sellers participating in managed payments and give buyers the choices they expect while shopping.

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