eBay Now Brings Same-Day Delivery to San Jose

eBay Inc. Staff


On Oct. 10, eBay introduced the eBay Now mobile app to San Franciscans, providing a whole new level of customer convenience. Using eBay Now, shoppers can order products from eBay’s growing roster of local retail partners — including Macy’s, Toys”R”Us and Target — and enjoy same-day delivery, often in as little as an hour. On Nov. 15, eBay Now made its debut in New York City, right in time for the holiday shopping season.

On Feb. 28, eBay Now will extend same-day shopping convenience to the San Jose area. The company will also launch the mobile Web version of eBay Now, enabling access via any smart phone.

“We are investing in innovation that creates convenience for consumers and new opportunities for retailers,” said Dane Glasgow, Vice President of Product Management, eBay Marketplaces. “eBay has blurred the line between online and offline commerce. The eBay Now mobile app lets shoppers order a product from a local store and experience the convenience of same-day delivery, from phone to door in as little as an hour.”

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