eBay Releases Updates to its Mobile Apps

Press Release

New apps offer enhanced navigation, utility and design specifically for iOS and Android.

Mobile continues to be a key area of focus for the company. Our product and technology team has been hard at work accelerating the pace of innovation across our platforms to power the customer experience - and today, we’re delivering new mobile app updates.

Mobile has become an increasingly significant influence on consumer behavior over the past number of years. In the first quarter of 2016, 55 percent of eBay’s GMV included a mobile touch point. Total mobile volume during the quarter was $9 billion, and the number of downloads of eBay apps reached 314 million.

This week, users can download the free update to eBay’s core Android app, with the iOS app to follow.  Each version of the app includes features that are native to the iOS and Android platforms. The eBay Android app is one of the first global e-commerce apps built using Android Material Design. Users will notice three key updates – Navigation, Utility and Design.  

Updated Apps Make it Easier for Users to Find Exactly What They’re Looking for on our Marketplace

These updates restore some of the favorite features from previous apps, as requested by users over the past months. These foundational changes will be the first of many, as eBay adopts a more frequent cadence of app updates throughout 2016.

“With these foundational updates, eBay will be able to continue to focus on enhancing the user experience across our mobile platforms with more frequent updates,” said Dave Comer, Senior Director, Head of Mobile Product Management at eBay. “As we look towards future updates, we will continue to integrate the newest technology, respond to and incorporate user feedback, and evolve the experience to create the best browse, shopping and selling experience possible.”

 Here are details on some of the new experiences in the apps:

Navigation With this update, users will be able to easily navigate throughout the app with the simplified horizontal navigation bar on iOS and navigation drawer (sometimes referred to as a “hamburger menu”) on Android.

○      Users will see more of their recent Search history.

Utility Optimization across mobile and tablet screens for a seamless experience across devices.

○      Selling remains a one-stop-shop destination. We will continue to innovate in this area, improving how users can start new listings, complete drafts, and easily manage all their selling activity on active, sold and unsold items (in applicable markets).

○      Related Items leverage eBay’s structured data, allowing users to discover similar items closely related to what they’re currently viewing.

○      Personalization draws on data and insights to continue to enhance the user experience; users will see relevant and tailored items, specifically based on their shopping behavior.

Design and Speed: A faster experience making it easier for users to find what you want. With the move to Material Design, Android users can look forward to a more intuitive experience 

We’ll continually iterate our mobile experience throughout 2016 and ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience on every platform.