eBay Sales Data Predicts Winner for College Basketball’s Big Event and Reveals Fan Favorites

Amanda Miller

Hi everyone, Amanda Miller here from eBay Consumer Comms with today’s guest post.

eBay sees three times more items related to NCAA basketball listed in March than in the remaining 11 months of the year. This March, we crunched those numbers to uncover what inspires – and opens the wallets – of college basketball fans.

The results, presented in today’s “Top Shopped” sports edition report, show that the road to the NCAA championship is paved not only with victories and upsets, but also Air Jordans, foam fingers, Mike Krzyzewski gear and big spending in the Big East.

The sixteen teams that remain on that road to the Big Dance bring with them nearly one million dollars worth of related items sold on eBay in just the first three months of 2011.

eBay_16 Rankings_FINAL

In addition to our earlier prediction that Ohio State University, with nearly $200,000 worth of team-related merchandise sold on eBay, will take the championship (check out our bracket based on merchandise sales), today’s Top Shopped report uncovered the fact that there have been 67,277 pairs of Air Jordans sold on eBay so far in 2011 and that each of the two points by which Butler lost last year’s title turned out to be worth $63,025.5 in Butler-related items sold on eBay.

Team rankings follow. Click here for more stats or read up on how the experts approach March Madness as told to The Inside Source.

The Remaining 16, by the eBay Numbers:

1. Ohio State – $170,272
2. Florida – $162,584
3. Duke – $127,492
4. Kentucky – $111,722
5. Kansas – $106,497
6. Wisconsin – $42,657
7. UNC – $35,524
8. Florida State – $34,066
9. BYU – $19,011
10. Arizona – $14,740
11. San Diego State – $8,656
12. Connecticut – $3,804
13. Marquette – $1,478
14. VCU – $1,478
15. Butler – $1,441
16. Richmond – $496

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