eBay Speeds Up Mobile Experiences by Expanding AMP Technology for Product Pages

Mohan Patt, VP of Buyer Experience

Mobile web customers will now experience even faster search with the addition of Brands and Interests.

As a top eBay initiative, we continue to enhance user experiences through smart technologies. By maximizing structured data, we’re providing a richer and more compelling product-based experience - while delivering the fastest mobile performance possible.

The open-source AMP Project is enabling us to take steps towards an important mission: to provide fast and frictionless commerce mobile web experiences. The AMP framework was built for speed and originally launched for publisher-based content. After first integrating the technology on our Browse Pages in 2016 and continuing to contribute to the AMP open-source project, we see the potential for a positive impact on ecommerce.  Today, eBay announces it will utilize AMP technology for millions of Product Pages, which translates to faster search experiences for our customers on mobile web.

Presenting massive amounts of information - from products and inventory to pricing and reviews - can be challenging to do quickly. That’s especially true for visitors who arrive on eBay from an external platform while on a mobile network. For example, some search-engine originating users tap mobile devices for price and product comparisons while browsing products in stores, which can be difficult and frustrating on a slow network.

With 60% of eBay platform GMV that involves a mobile touchpoint, our mobile platform remains a priority, ripe for evolution. By leveraging AMP inside our Product Pages, we’re offering a speed-optimized experience, and if users arrive from external AMP-supported platforms, those experiences will be significantly more efficient. With AMP, users experience Product Pages more quickly than ever before, helping them find their version of perfect on eBay - whatever that may be.

New Ways to Browse on eBay - Powered by AMP

After launching 15 million global Browse Pages featuring AMP in 2016, eBay will extend the AMP technology in 2017 to millions of destinations and added new variations to specifically represent Brands and Interest.

Brand Pages expose the unique array of eBay inventory for hundreds of popular brands, allowing shoppers to seamlessly browse across product categories for the brands they love.

170516 mobile image B 758x427Interest Pages bring the best of eBay’s diverse inventory, including Deals, Best-Selling Products, and more specific to a user’s passions, activities, and mega-shopping occasions (i.e. Running, Wedding).

We are very excited to continue to provide  AMP services to our mobile web customers.  Mobile browsing can be slow and sometimes frustrating, and this is where AMP comes in and guarantees a consistent and fast experience.