eBay Teams Up With Monopoly

eBay Inc. Staff

It’s time to play Monopoly… on Facebook, that is. To promote Monopoly Empire, Hasbro’s new brand-centric version of the classic board game, the game company is hosting a “Battle of the Brands” on Facebook. Fans can vote for their favorite of 22 brands featured on the game, ranging from Carnival Cruise Lines, Coca-Cola, Beats by Dre, and of course, eBay. First company to 5,000 “likes” wins. (Vote for eBay here!) Monopoly Empire, which lets players buy, sell and trade their favorite brands, is on shelves now. Game play differs from previous versions of Monopoly, as players don’t need to collect floor property group or build hotels and can add billboards to personal towers to determine total value. Additionally, standard Monopoly tokens, like the top hat or shoe, have been replaced with themed tokens, like a Ducati motorcycle, Xbox controller or Paramount Pictures movie clapboard.