eBay Unveils Apple Watch App Along with Updated Mobile Apps

eBay Staff

Today we’re excited to announce the arrival of the eBay app for the Apple Watch, bringing one of the world’s largest marketplaces to your wrist. With the eBay app for Apple Watch, we’re helping our buyers stay on top of all the auctions they are interested in; and, for sellers they can continue to stay responsive to their customers and stay informed of all their selling activity.

Developing for this size screen, eBay built the experience from the ground-up with the goal of taking wearable commerce to a level that’s intuitive and personal, just like one’s iPhone. The experience provides eBay’s buyers and sellers with timelyrelevant and personal updates so that customers can stay connected to the events they’re most interested in.

The commerce experience packs new features that offer simplicity, while maintaining utility.

“eBay continues to evolve its product offerings by creating engaging, curated and simplified shopping experiences for customers across all devices,” said David Cheng, director of mobile product at eBay. “With the new realm of ‘glanceable commerce,’ we’re continuing to provide our customers with timely updates so they are always connected to the activities that matter most to them.”

Both buyers and sellers can get quick overviews of their eBay activity and view far more detailed information straight from their push notifications. Within the app, eBay  provides an overview of Notifications, Buying, Selling and Watching. Users can consume small bites of time-sensitive and relevant information, for example, sellers can receive push notifications that help them offer speedy customer service through messaging, while buyers have the ability to stay on top of their watched items.

Select features of the eBay for Apple Watch app include:  


 - 28 content rich notifications with short or expanded screens for bidding, watching, selling and messaging


- Glanceable summaries of Notifications, Buying, Selling & Watching 

- Ability to perform quick bidding directly from the Watch

- Ability to leverage voice recognition to dictate responses directly on the  Apple Watch


- Comprehensive view all of your eBay activities, including all bidding, outbids and items ending soon

- A seller summary view of items for sale, with bids and watches, seller dashboards, 30 day sales and active items with bids

To read more, visit our fact sheet, downloadable here. Also today, eBay released updates to its core iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Notable new features include:

  1. Apple Watch support for iPhone
  2. Interface and usability enhancements across iPhone, iPad and Android
  3. Support for additional payments options in Germany and India
  4. In-store pick-up capabilities and enhanced seller features for iPad in the UK

For a full list of features and to download the new apps visit the iTunes App (iPhone & iPad) and Google Play stores.