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eBay Unveils Iconic Star Wars Collections Curated By Franchise Actress Billie Lourd for May the 4th

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Fans can shop a curated drop of rare collectibles representing the Light and Dark Sides of the Force in the exclusive “Your Side of the Fourth” event

eBay Unveils Iconic Star Wars Collections Curated By Franchise Actress Billie Lourd for May the 4th

eBay, home to the most beloved Star Wars collectibles in the galaxy, today announces “Your Side of the Fourth,” a curation of rare and iconic items spanning the franchise’s decades-long history. Just in time for May the 4th, the “Your Side of the Fourth” collections were curated by actress Billie Lourd, and pay homage to the epic battles between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Beginning today, fans can shop the coveted collectibles from two epic storefronts, the Light Side and Dark Side Collections, featuring 12 ultra-rare auction items – including a Mark Hamill-signed replica Luke Skywalker lightsaber hilt, a Carrie Fisher-signed trading card from 1980, and a David Prowse-signed Darth Vader helmet – with bidding starting at just $0.54.  

In her role as Lieutenant Connix in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Billie cemented her place among the Skywalker family legacy both on and off screen, appearing alongside her mother Carrie Fisher, who reprised her iconic role as Princess Leia. With her personally curated collections for eBay’s “Your Side of the Fourth,” Billie is helping enthusiasts own a piece of the legacy.

"It has been a supremely sentimental journey combing through eBay’s incredibly expansive Star Wars inventory - from legendary pieces dating back to 1977 to today’s most modern must-have items. I am a deeply obsessed Star Wars fanatic so getting to curate a collection that is meaningful to both fans and me has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to do,” said Billie Lourd, “The widespread familial love for Star Wars and its iconic history brings me so much joy and I feel so lucky to get to partner with eBay to offer fans a rare piece of that magical history."

For nearly three decades, eBay has been a top destination for collectors to discover rare and valuable pieces of Star Wars history, from original 1977 trading cards to modern Mandalorian merch. Since Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope debuted almost 47 years ago, the epic space opera continues to draw fans around the world. In 2023, eBay users searched for Star Wars items more than 220 times per minute globally, on average. 

While Darth Vader was the most-searched Star Wars character in 2023, eBay users also felt the pull to the Light Side. Global searches for ‘Jedi’ items were over 570% higher than searches for ‘Sith’ items on eBay last year. No matter which side of the Force fans are on, Billie’s iconic collections can be shopped starting today through May the 4th, 2024 at https://www.ebay.com/vlp_new/maytheforce.

Rare Finds from Across the Galaxy

  • Starting at 9 a.m. EDT April 30 and running through 11:59 p.m. EDT May 4th, fans will have the opportunity to shop the Light Side Collection and the Dark Side Collection, curated by Billie Lourd, each loaded with collectibles and memorabilia inspired by characters on opposing sides of the Force. 

  • The collections feature 12 rare, highly coveted Star Wars items up for auction starting at just $0.54, in tribute to May (5) the Fourth (4).

  • Items from the Light Side of the Force include a Mark Hamill-signed replica Luke Skywalker lightsaber hilt, a Carrie Fisher signed trading card from 1980, a Harrison Ford-signed Marvel Han Solo #1 comic book and more.

  • Dark Side collectibles include a David Prowse-signed Darth Vader replica helmet, a Special Edition Dark Side Anakin Skywalker Funko Pop (#281) signed by Hayden Christensen, a Star Destroyer LEGO set and more.

Shop Star Wars on eBay Live

Streaming from the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, California, eBay and Alliance Entertainment will host a first-of-its-kind live shopping event on May 2nd at 7:30 EDT on eBay Live. Hosted by Anthony Carboni and Krystina Arielle, the event features Star Wars collectibles from across the galaxy and some can’t miss opportunities to win epic items from the Star Wars vault. On May 4th, fans can watch a marathon of eBay Lives to shop Star Wars collectibles all day.

Star Wars on eBay – By The Numbers

  • The Chosen Ones: In 2023, the most-searched Star Wars character on eBay, globally, was Darth Vader, followed by Boba Fett, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and Grogu.

  • Brick Wars: eBay users were eager to build their own galaxies at home, searching for Star Wars LEGO sets more than 3,200 times per hour globally, on average, in 2023. The most-searched-for LEGO Star Wars set were: 

    • AT-AT (the combat vehicle featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

    • LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

    • LEGO Star Wars Death Star

    • LEGO Star Wars Slave I (bounty hunter Boba Fett’s iconic ship)

    • LEGO Star Wars R2-D2.

  • The Force is Strong in These Figures: Assembling an iconic Star Wars action figure lineup was also popular in 2023, with eBay users searching for Star Wars action figures more than 950 times per hour globally, on average. The most-searched-for Star Wars action figures on eBay, globally, were: 

    • Darth Vader

    • The Mandalorian

    • Boba Fett

    • Luke Skywalker

    • Yoda

 *Data from July 1, 2015 - April 8, 2024

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