eBay Verticals Apps Go Universal

eBay Inc. Staff


After several months of effort, eBay developers have successfully re-imagined the company’s eBay Motors and eBay Fashion apps to better encourage an inspirational, magazine-like shopping experience. The new apps are now universal and are specifically optimized for the iPad and iPad Mini. Specifically, both apps are able to display more images, feature a more refined search and support a tailored experience for both Landscape and Portrait orientations for the iPad. From a more technical perspective, the apps also now share a back-end code, meaning that eBay will be able to more efficiently share developer resources and enable faster deployment of future release updates. Shoppers around the world are already buying 11,000 vehicles per week using eBay mobile, so the addition of the iPad app will give those shoppers even more ways to buy on the go.

Steve Yankovich, Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures for eBay, says he’s especially proud of the Motors App’s social casting functionality, which includes aggregating images from Instagram and Twitter. “Users are sharing images of the cars in their garages and then customers can literally shop from those photos,” he says. “The app pivots off the concept of inspiration and creates a unique, visually driven experience for the iPad that differs from the iPhone experience.”

At eBay Inc., our goal is to better facilitate a multiscreen shopping experience any time, anywhere and on any device. Our apps are built for inspiration and the eBay Motors and Fashion apps have already inspired millions, with a combined two million downloads between the two apps. Try them yourself today at the iTunes App stores.