eBay’s Gender Pay Equity Study Finds Pay Parity Between Women and Men

Kristin Yetto, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief People Officer

Our study results are detailed here.

At eBay, we know that much of our success is grounded in being a richly diverse company. We are working hard to ensure that the variety of perspectives across our workforce and within our workplace reflect those of our tens of millions of customers globally.  One aspect of achieving this is ensuring that we pay our people fairly based on their role, contribution and impact – not on factors unrelated to the work they do.  Earlier this year, we began an extensive, global study of gender pay equity that considered the main components of compensation, including salary, bonus and stock.  We view this as an important undertaking because it goes to the heart of living our values as a company. We recently completed our gender pay equity study, and I am pleased to report that women earn the same as men in the U.S. in terms of salary. 

onejpgHowever, we didn’t stop there. Our study went beyond salary to examine the total compensation of our employees, looking at salary, bonus and annual stock.  In the U.S., we found that women earn nearly the same as men. Specifically, women make 99.8% of the total compensation that men make in the same job and at the same grade level. 

Our results were also encouraging on a global basis, where we found that women earn nearly the same salary as men. 

twojpgIn addition to this, globally, women earn 99.4% of the total compensation that men make in the same job, at the same grade level and in the same country.

Conducting a gender pay equity study is a complex effort.  It requires asking the right questions about the data in order to yield the most meaningful and relevant findings.  This study is just one step in an on-going and rigorous process at eBay to ensure that the only factors impacting how our people are compensated are those directly related to their role, contribution and impact.  We are committed to conducting on-going reviews and taking appropriate action to ensure that our employees continue to be paid fairly and equitably.  Next year, we will include ethnicity as part of our pay equity review.  We also will share our diversity and inclusion report in early 2017.


Data is as of September, 2016.

Our global analysis covers the countries that account for more than 80% of eBay’s employee population.