eBay’s Inaugural “Recommerce Day” Celebrates Pre-Loved Shopping

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Actress and sustainability advocate Alicia Silverstone helps launch our 2024 Recommerce Report

Today is eBay's inaugural Recommerce Day, celebrating the release of our 2024 Recommerce Report. Now in its fourth year, the report has traditionally measured eBay seller and buyer insights and motivations around pre-loved shopping. This year, the company provides a broader understanding of the importance of recommerce not only to the eBay community, but to assess the overall trends and sentiment around recommerce at a global consumer level, surveying a combined total of more than 28,000 people globally. 

Recommerce Day features a “takeover” of the eBay homepage with opportunities to learn more about recommerce, find great pre-loved deals, and participate in an eBay Live program featuring exclusively pre-loved items. Throughout the day, starting at 9am PT, there will be opportunities to win fantastic pre-loved and refurbished prizes during the eBay Live stream. 

eBay is also partnering with award-winning actress and sustainability advocate Alicia Silverstone to further highlight the benefits of recommerce. Alicia is a passionate defender of the environment and has frequently shared her preference for shopping pre-loved to fuel a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

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“I’m so excited that people are getting more involved in the circular economy – both buying and selling. I’m conscious about everything I buy and it’s why I shop pre-loved on eBay,” said sustainability advocate Alicia Silverstone. “Recommerce brings me so much joy because I know I’m not contributing to the waste that harms our planet.“

“eBay has been a driving force behind recommerce, and we continue to invest in tools and technology that fuel the circular economy," said eBay CEO and President Jamie Iannone. “Our team is making it easier than ever to buy and sell used or refurbished items on the marketplace, and eBay’s inaugural Recommerce Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of shopping sustainably.”

The 2024 Recommerce Report shows that consumers around the world — both current eBay customers and general consumers — are increasingly turning to shopping preloved to find unique items and great values. Consumers also recognized another important benefit to recommerce — it’s good for the planet.

Pre-loved shopping has been steadily growing, with younger generations increasingly turning to it for more authentic shopping experiences. The Recommerce Report survey found that while almost three in five (59%) global consumers bought pre-loved goods in the last year, over 70% of consumers surveyed plan to buy pre-loved goods this year. Consumers aged 18-24 are most likely to have bought pre-loved goods in the last 12 months (65%).

A resolution was introduced in the California State Legislature by State Senator Dave Cortese to recognize May 21 as Recommerce Day. The city of San Jose, CA also has introduced a resolution declaring May 21 as Recommerce Day. These resolutions will help further increase interest in pre-loved shopping, increase the conversation around supporting sustainable practices, and remind people of the benefits for themselves and the environment. 

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