eBay’s Interactive Holiday Map Surfaces the Season’s Hot Trends

Sebastian Rupley, eBay News Team

Get instant views of the top bought holiday items across North America.

With the busy holiday shopping season upon us, eBay’s detailed troves of data are already providing unique insights on this season’s consumer trends. From trending toys to the hottest electronics and fashion choices, you can surface the top bought holiday items using a new, interactive map that we’ve created.

You can view the map at Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own holiday shopping, or curious about what’s popular in every U.S. state from Alabama to Wyoming, this interactive map will give you actionable and shoppable insights.

“With the Cyber 5 weekend right around the corner, we’re expecting to see an increase in shopping – both on mobile and desktop, especially as shoppers are looking for the ‘must haves’ for the season,” said Zoher Karu, eBay’s Vice President of Customer Optimization and Data. “This year, eBay shoppers are looking for great deals on a wide selection of products.”

Taking a look at some of the top national trends across the electronics, fashion and toys categories, Karu said, “It’s no surprise that electronics shoppers are eager to get their hands on the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. Additionally, we’ve seen accessories like streaming devices for HDTVs are widely popular this year. “

"For toys, it is notable that LEGOs continue to be a popular gift. With the upcoming Star Wars film, the Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar Building Kit was one of the most popular gifted items," Karu added. "Adults also like their toys as we saw quadcopter drones pique the interest of shoppers."

"For fashion," Karu noted, "we saw a lot of variety at different price points. Brands like Ray Bans, UGG’s and Michael Kors are certainly popular, but items varied state-to-state, showcasing the uniqueness of each state."

To navigate through the interactive map, click on any state, and then you can sort for product categories – Fashion, Electronics or Toys – to see what’s being brought across each of these categories.

Check back each week to see how the trends change as we get closer to the holidays! At eBay, we want to make your holiday wishes come true, and we encourage everyone to Wish Bigger this season.