eBay’s Ongoing Commitment to Trust

Lynda Talgo, Vice President of eBay’s Global Managed Marketplace

As vice president of eBay’s Global Managed Marketplace, I’m keenly focused on cultivating a trusted global marketplace among our millions of buyers and sellers. We take great pride in enabling small and medium sized businesses to thrive in a multichannel, secure environment – from both an online marketplace and payments perspective – while also working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of our buyers. The important topic of trust is one that I think our buyers, sellers and stakeholders at large would also be interested in hearing more about.

For eBay, nothing is more important than trust. Without it, our global marketplace couldn’t function. Understanding that no single action can protect us against sophisticated threats in this constantly changing environment, at eBay, we apply multiple layers of physical and policy-based measures to keep our users safe. Using this holistic approach, we have built one of the most trusted platforms in e-commerce and m-commerce.

Our efforts at eBay work together to achieve two important goals:

  - Secure our network and infrastructure to systematically protect our platforms

  - Apply policies and procedures to protect individuals who use our platform

For each, we’ve instituted various prevention, detection and recovery components within our systems and policies to ensure a trusted shopping experience for our buyers and sellers, which should give our customers confidence when buying and selling on our marketplace.

As a pioneer in ecommerce, eBay has developed some of the most effective approaches in combating bad activity, including counterfeits, over the past two decades. As a result of our efforts, we’ve developed a trust infrastructure that allows us to underwrite the vast majority of transactions on our platform – a guarantee of roughly $55 billion in annual purchases – as part our eBay Money Back Guarantee program.

Additionally, our efforts have led to an all-time low in bad activity on our site – a figure that is down 50 percent over the last seven years. That’s a number we’re extremely proud of, especially considering eBay has grown to a marketplace that features more than 700 million listings at any given time.

We also make significant investments annually to ensure we’re the most trusted way to shop.  But, it’s important to note that trust is a job bigger than just one entity.  It’s a shared responsibility among all parties that use online systems – businesses, individuals and law enforcement. We must all work together to keep online commerce safe and secure.

Below are some key initiatives that we’re focused on:


The eBay Money Back Guarantee

If an item a customer purchases isn’t exactly what they ordered, eBay will make it right by covering the purchase price plus original shipping on virtually all items. Bottom line, when you buy and sell on eBay, we have your back.


Seller Protection

We make sure that as a buyer, expectations are met head on—and that as a seller, we provide a marketplace that allows them to thrive in this new world of commerce – so they can sell with confidence, knowing that eBay has the people, policies and processes in place to help keep our sellers protected.


Policies and Procedures

We’ve created and implemented comprehensive policies and procedures designed to create a safe and fair environment for all eBay members.


Sophisticated Technology

We’ve developed industry-leading tools, models and filters that help us enforce our policies and detect patterns of bad activity.


Key Partnerships

We’ve created impactful partnerships with brands, retailers and law enforcement to ensure a trusted global marketplace. Our Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO) allows more than 40,000 brands and rights owners to quickly and easily report counterfeits, copyright infringements, etc. We also work collaboratively with retailers and manufacturers to address retail crime and investigations through our PROACT program, while assisting law enforcement to combat the sale of stolen goods through our LeadsOnline program.


These various efforts have enabled us to build one of the most trusted platforms in e-commerce and mobile commerce.  No other entity competes with what we do, especially at our scale. We operate trust across 190 countries, with more than 149 million active global users engaged in transactions across 50,000 unique categories.

We’re incredibly proud of our work to establish a trusted global marketplace, but we’re not complacent. Our promise to the hundreds of millions of eBay’s customers is to remain steadfast in our efforts to provide the most safe and secure marketplace for buyers and sellers in the world.