eBay’s Seller Hub Now Live for all U.S. Sellers

Shan Vosseller, Sr. Director of Product Management

After a year of testing and feedback, this powerful new selling tool debuts in the U.S. to help scale your business.

For the past 18 months, eBay has been on a journey to simplify and streamline the selling experience for the tens of millions of sellers that do business on our platform. Last September, we debuted a revolutionary tool - Seller Hub - that brings the power of the eBay data warehouse and the valuable insights that data offers, directly to our sellers to help them manage and grow their business -- all in one place.

Since last September, when the experience was debuted at our 20th Anniversary seller event in San Jose, we’ve been beta testing the product with a growing group of enthusiastic sellers, encouraging them to provide feedback along the way. With feedback from the more than 200,000 sellers now using Seller Hub, we’ve made a number of enhancements to make it even more simple and effective.

Today, we are excited to announce that all U.S. business and professional sellers are invited to take advantage of Seller Hub by visiting ebay.com/sellerhub. Seller Hub is eBay’s first major step forward in making professional selling on eBay easier. The user-friendly interface enables sellers to manage their inventory and orders, access valuable performance insights, identify opportunities for growth, and -- most importantly -- take advantage of ways to get their products in front of the right buyers faster, and more efficiently.

Grow Your Business with Seller Hub

Our goal is to ensure that eBay sellers have simple, smart tools - informed by eBay’s treasure trove of data - that can help them scale their businesses and find everything in one place. We want to partner with and assist our sellers, and Seller Hub is an important new way to serve these goals.

Seller Hub provides the following types of resources:

  • Easier management of Inventory, Orders and Listings
  • Performance insights and opportunities for growth
  • Easier business process management with detailed sales information

SellerHub inside1Additionally, Seller Hub provides guidance for quickly creating listings by leveraging eBay’s growing catalog of structured data. When it comes to creating a listing, speed and efficiency are paramount and through the new listing flow that Seller Hub provides, listing an item has never been easier. A seller can simply enter a product identifier number (e.g. UPC) or begin typing the title of an item, and then instantly choose from a matching catalog entry. Then, all product-related fields are pre-filled and the seller can provide further information such as price, quantity, shipping and returns information. The seller retains full control over the process, and can change any preferences.

Seller Hub also features a Growth and a Marketing tab. The Growth tab analyzes billions of data inputs and serves them up to sellers in smart, easy-to-use tools that help them research and increase the likelihood of sales. With the Marketing tab, sellers can survey the impact of their current promotions, and then jump to manage their stores, create new promotions, or create promoted listings. Promoted listings can be displayed in a preferred placement for a fee that is only paid when an item ultimately sells. And this is only the beginning - we will continue enhancing Seller Hub and we are excited to be debuting it to sellers in the UK, Australia and Germany this Fall, and to sellers in the rest of the world in 2017.

Sel2While we are excited about the promise of Seller Hub to help our sellers grow and thrive, we recognize that it’s only one part of the ecosystem that we need to create for successful selling on eBay. Our team is hard at work to develop complementary and integrated tools that cater to sellers that choose to access eBay through APIs and third parties, or who manage their inventory through basic file upload and download systems. Stay tuned for more information on these new tools later this Fall.Seller Hub’s Director of Product, John Valente, and I gave a detailed overview of Seller Hub at our eBay OPEN event in Las Vegas last week. Both our main stage talk and our Seller Hub-specific workshops (Operations and Performance Insights) are archived on the OPEN virtual experience website, where you can access them for the next six months. Our team has also run several webinars to help sellers go even deeper with Seller Hub and we will be adding more educational content on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in getting started, visit Seller Hub today.  

Editor’s Note: Shan is a Senior Director of Product Management at eBay, and the company's overall product lead for business-to-consumer selling. He joined eBay in 2010, after more than a decade at Microsoft, to lead our omnichannel local commerce capabilities, including eBay Now, and eBay Click & Collect with Argos in the UK.