eBay's Unlimited International Shipping Programs for Latin America

eBay Inc. Staff


When it comes to international commerce, shipping is one of the top pain points for both buyers and sellers. With that in mind, eBay Latin America has introduced convenient and cost-effective international shipping membership programs serving Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

The new programs offer customers more reliable, cost-effective shipping solutions, and expose more inventory to shoppers in these countries.  

Under the new shipping programs, buyers simply pay sellers the cost of domestic shipping within the U.S. to Miami or Laredo, Texas, depending on the program provider.  The purchases are then sent from Miami or Laredo to the customers, with no extra charge for any international shipping fees.

“Our solutions make shipping easier, make products more trackable and give buyers access to more products,” said Marco Ottonello, eBay’s Director of Geo-Expansion for Latin America (shown in the photo). “It gives buyers access to sellers who previously only shipped domestically in the U.S.”

In Chile specifically, eBay and eShopex, the top provider of U.S. addresses in more than 100 countries around the world, have collaborated on an international shipping membership program. ‘eBay powered by eShopex’ offers consumers a choice of two shipping programs designed to offer a more reliable, cost-effective delivery solution for items bought on eBay.

The eBay 365 program allows eBay customers in Chile to receive an unlimited number of packages (up to 3 kg) purchased from eBay sellers in the U.S. The program offers tracking on international shipments, as well as delivery protections should an item arrive damaged. eBay powered by eShopex also offers an as-you-go shipping plan for discounted rates of 20 percent on international shipping.

In Colombia, eBay has partnered with Aeropost, and in Mexico, with Estafeta to offer similarly structured shipping programs.

The Chile program, live since early April, has shown positive results to date: Customers enrolled in the program are purchasing 50 percent more items, and purchasing more expensive items.  Buyers in Chile can visit http://www.eShopex.com/ebay to sign up; buyers in Colombia can go to www.Aeoropost.com/ebay; and buyers in Mexico can visit www.Estafeta.com/ebay
“eBay customers in Latin America tell us shipping is one of the biggest hurdles for them when purchasing on eBay, and our new international shipping membership programs aim to deliver a significantly improved option,” said Wendy Jones, vice president of eBay global expansion and cross-border trade.

“We continue to invest in innovative new approaches to solve some of the pain points inherent in global commerce, including faster, more reliable and more cost-effective shipping choices,” she added.