Life at eBay

Empowering the Next Generation of Tech

Calvin Men, eBay News Team

Our interns help us reimagine eBay and StubHub’s marketplaces for millions of customers and fans around the world. Hear from several interns on their experiences, their career outlook and the insights they gained.

Students in our intern program come from all over the world, with experiences as diverse as their ideas. From the moment they step on campus, they hit the ground running. They work hand-in-hand with employees on projects that directly impact our business, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Our interns are exceptional and talented, and they contribute to the vibrant, collaborative culture here at eBay. 

Jazmin Carswell, a University of Georgia student, spent her summer interning at eBay and said her team “felt like family.” 

“eBay has not only afforded me the chance to learn about marketing from world-class marketers, but the company taught me how invaluable it is to always show up as your true, authentic self,” she said. 

Learn from several of our interns on how their experiences have shaped their career outlook and what they’ve learned over the summer at eBay. 

Name: Jordon Malcolm

School: University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Studying: Computer science

Team: Software engineering at eBay

On why she interned twice at eBay...

My team. Those interpersonal connections I made with my mentors and my managers. Also, the company culture and its mission. eBay definitely is pioneering the future of ecommerce, and that’s something still really exciting to me.

My team also had a very light and interactive environment. We went out for team lunches several times and always had cake when it was someone’s birthday. Myself and a few of the other team members even went kayaking in Santa Cruz! I would describe the team as a family — and that is a very special thing to find within a company. 


Name: Sai Ranganathan

School: University of Washington

Studying: Data science

Team: Software engineering at StubHub

On how StubHub supported his future career in tech...

I always wanted to work in tech ever since I was little. My internship at StubHub was one of the first times where I could see how software engineering was actually done within the industry. Getting that level of exposure was the biggest thing in terms of boosting my career and personal skills.

In the classroom, you always see and do a lot of projects and work with people. So, you see how that dynamic kind of works. But when you work with a professional team — with designers, product managers and software engineers — and see how all that ties in and how it works as a whole, that made my experience at StubHub very meaningful.

Name: Priscilla Ferronato

School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Studying: Human-computer interaction

Team: UX design at StubHub

On being a part of the StubHub team...

Not only my immediate managers but also my coworkers were welcoming and open to talking about better practices on user experience (UX) research and design. I constantly learned and received feedback on how to improve my work and what I could possibly do to develop my skills to make me a better UX researcher. 

I worked with a team that was passionate about the company and its members. I didn’t feel like I was just an intern; I felt like I was part of the team.

Name: Jazmin Carswell

School: University of Georgia

Studying: Advertising and communications

Team: eBay Marketing for North America

About joining eBay for her internship...

My experience was nothing short of my wildest dreams. If anyone would’ve told me eight months ago that I’d travel across the country from Georgia to work with one of the biggest brands in the world, I would have called them crazy! eBay has not only afforded me the chance to learn about marketing from world-class marketers, but the company taught me how invaluable it is to always show up as your true, authentic self. That’s something that can’t be taught in classrooms, and I am so grateful for it.

When I came to eBay, it instantly felt like family.To be over 2,000 miles away from home can make you feel alone sometimes, but it was so hard to feel alone when everyone at eBay was so welcoming with such friendly faces. I definitely found a family at eBay, and they really made this summer one that I’ll never forget.