Get Your Tickets eBay Shoppers! StubHub and eBay Team Up

eBay Inc. Staff

Beginning in June, select eBay shoppers can redeem eBay Bucks for ticket opportunities on StubHub – rewarding users of the ecommerce leader, across the board, with more unforgettable live event experiences.

StubHub, the popular online marketplace for tickets, has always had outstanding synergies with its parent marketplace: eBay. After all, both organizations seamlessly connect buyers and sellers. They both also have become market leaders with their relentless focus on providing users with more seamless and simple ecommerce experiences, doing the tedious work around transactions so consumers can focus on fun. Now, StubHub and eBay are teaming up on a rewards initiative that creates new opportunities for customers of both sites.

Beginning in June and for a limited time, select members of the eBay Bucks program —which already provides eBay shoppers with cash rewards that they can use on eBay — will be able to convert their Bucks balances to Stubhub Fan Codes to purchase tickets on Stubhub and attend live events.

Select eBay Bucks members will receive an invitation with this exclusive offer alerting them to their eligibility to participate in the test. Redeeming their eBay Bucks will be as easy as visiting a webpage, entering basic information and exchanging their Bucks for StubHub Fan Codes.

“Through this initiative, connections between buyers and sellers can not only be found through eBay or StubHub, but can be forged through natural synergiesbetween eBay and StubHub,” said eBay Bucks Program Manager Shivram Shetty. “If you’re a loyal eBay shopper, why shouldn’t you be able to choose tickets to a great game or concert as your reward? Now you can.”