How Will Ecommerce Evolve in 2018?

Kendall Fields, eBay News Team

A group of eBay technologists share their ideas about what innovations will succeed in the new year.

Leading up to 2018, we asked some of our technologists how innovations will transform ecommerce in the new year and, most importantly, what will ultimately pay off. From harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to tap into emotions or foster diversity to creating tools using augmented reality (AR) or computer vision to blend real world and online experiences, learn how these technologists think ecommerce will change over the next year.  

Bradford photo 3

“Online shopping will become more emotional. The companies who will win will not only unlock artificial intelligence, but do it in partnership with emotional intelligence.” - Bradford Shellhammer, Head of Personalization & Engagement


Mary Titus Headshot2

“Augmented reality will become more integral to the way that we shop. Consumers still crave experiences like trying on clothes or holding an item in their hands. Tools that enable these experiences through AR have already started to emerge.” - Mary Titus, Product Manager, Recommendations


UweMayer headshot

“Artificial intelligence will automate many aspects of ecommerce through programmatic selling. Deep learning will help sellers create better listings to maximize returns and give buyers the information they need.” - Uwe Mayer, PhD, Senior Data Scientist


Scott McDowell Headshot2

“Whether it’s making a donation at checkout or socially conscious brands donating a percentage of every sale to their favorite causes, charitable shopping will become less of a differentiator and more commonplace.” - Scott McDowell, Senior Product Manager, eBay for Charity


Giri Iyengar Headshot2

“People will seamlessly merge online and physical. Everything people see in the physical world will be immediately browsable online. For example, any clothing that you see online, you can immediately visualize on yourself.” - Giri Iyengar, Head of Computer Vision


Jennica Pounds Headshot Unedited2

“Companies who train and design AI algorithms to be fully representative of their broad customer segments, in every way, will win over those who ignore diversity.” - Jennica Pounds, Senior Software Engineer

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