Improved Protections for eBay Sellers

eBay Inc. Staff

Recently, the Seller Marketing and Seller Protection teams launched an official eBay Seller Protection policy.


“We’re dedicated to creating a fair and safe marketplace for all buyers and sellers,” said Christopher Payne, Senior Vice President, eBay Marketplaces North America. “Our sellers bring tremendous value to the site, so we’re constantly evolving our seller protection measures based on your feedback, to make eBay the best place to sell.”

The Seller Protection policy’s landing page provides sellers a single online destination to find out how they are protected when they sell on eBay. Content on the page highlights the technology and the dedicated team behind seller protection.

The new policy covers:

• Unpaid item protections

• Protections on seller feedback and ratings

• Actions sellers can take to help eBay with buyer protection cases

• When and how sellers can report incidents that violate eBay policies

To publicize these efforts and gain feedback, the Seller Marketing and Seller Protection teams hit the road last fall to talk with sellers in person. During meet-ups, conferences and one-on-one interviews, webinars and workshops the teams discussed the people, technologies and policies that are in place at eBay to protect sellers. The teams also were able to get valuable input and suggestions.

“It's great to know that eBay has my back when it comes to selling on the platform,” one seller said.

“It’s really nice to see that they are taking care of us on the operational side as well as doing this outreach to get this information out to us and answer our questions,” said another.

Meanwhile, Christopher Payne and Rich Matsuura, eBay’s Director of Seller Protection (both are seen in the photo above), talk about the new seller protection measures that eBay has put in place in a new video, available here.