Interview: Design Secrets Revealed By eBay’s Chief Tastemaker

eBay Inc. Staff

eBay’s Tastemaker-in-Chief Michael Phillips Moskowitz was interviewed by T Magazine’s Eviana Hartman about his home and most prized collections in a story titled Design Secrets of eBay's Tastemaker in Chief.


The story features fascinating insights on eBay, his contribution to the company's Collections section and the live auctions feature. Also featured are eye-catching images from his stylishly done-up home. The story notes several ways that Moskowitz has impacted the company, including a discussion of the hiring of Pharrell Williams as a brand ambassador, and a detailed conversation on his taste.

“Shopping should be less about the sweat equity of search, and more about the emotional rewards of seemingly serendipitous discovery,” Moskowitz said in the interview.