Leave Your Wallet at Home and Pay with Your Profile Pic on Richmond High Street

eBay Inc. Staff

Your profile picture not only marks the gateway to your online social world, but can now also be used to make payments in the physical world!

Shopkeepers on Richmond High Street, London, are leading the fight to make the wallet history, letting shoppers pay using just their mobile phones and profile picture.

The PayPal app now has a tab called Local which you can use to find shops or restaurants near to your location that accept mobile PayPal payments. You can then ‘check in’ like you would on Facebook or Foursquare which then enables you to pay for goods through the PayPal app.  Once a customer has checked in, their name and photo appears on the shop’s till, and the cashier charges them by clicking on the shopper’s profile picture. The customer gets an alert on their phone to let them know how much they’ve paid, as well as PayPal’s usual email receipt.

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