Making Their Mark

Remy Pinson, eBay News Team

Our 2016 summer interns put their work on display in eBay’s annual “Intern Showcase,” giving employees a chance to learn about their experiences and how interns contributed to the business at large.

Earlier this month, eBay held its 4th annual Intern Showcase. The Showcase took place in Main Street – eBay’s newest building – not long after the national intern conference eBay held called “Future Forward.”

Speaking about the intern program, eBay’s North America Chief Hal Lawton said, “It’s so critical to make sure we’ve got that next generation of employees and ideas coming into our company and setting us up for the next phenomenal twenty years.”

Highlighting the various projects they worked on throughout the summer, some bright and innovative new ideas were on display.

“The showcase is intended to be a celebratory day for the interns to wrap up the summer, demonstrate some of the projects they’ve been working on, and give eBay employees a glimpse into the positive impact interns can have on the organization,” said University Programs Coordinator and one of the event’s organizers, Erica Trevino.

The ideas being presented touched on nearly every element of the business, from page speed to social media to website design, and the showcase made clear how closely the interns work with their eBay teams, and how their ideas can help mold the evolution of eBay.

Henry Yi, a computer science student at UC Berkeley working on improving webpage speed said, “at school we learn to code and build software, but at eBay we contribute to real products affecting real people. Software isn’t just software. The people that use the software matter.”

The participants presented their ideas exposition-style, and visitors walking around the exposition could ask the interns themselves for an explanation of their initiatives. 

Jake Gagnier, an intern on the Marketing team working on Social Media said, “this is my third internship at eBay, and the showcase has always been amazing.”

He continued: “the showcase is a chance for me to enlighten people that I might not otherwise meet about my project and my passions.”

With 127 interns across the country, eBay’s intern program continues to attract top undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. 

Applications for eBay internships can be found here.