Mobile World Congress 2013: Day 1 Recap

eBay Inc. Staff


Where other companies are just starting to test mobile solutions, eBay Inc. is already a leader in the space. Last year alone, eBay mobile generated $13 billion in volume – more than double the prior year – and PayPal mobile transacted almost $14 billion in payment volume, more than triple the prior year.

It’s unsurprising, then, that Mobile World Congress attendees swarmed eBay Inc.’s booth in Hall 3 Monday, interacting with our informational touch wall, interactive storefronts, and  discovery table. Guests could also recharge their batteries with customized cups of coffee, decorated with eBay, PayPal or eBay designs on the foam.

In the afternoon, David Marcus, the President of PayPal, gave a press conference that touted eBay Inc.’s dominance in the mobile space, noting that the company is leading the charge in this new, innovative and inevitable way of connecting individuals, businesses, and communities.

“Mobile continues to rewrite the commerce playbook,” he said, taking specific note of PayPal and eBay Inc.’s growth in terms of providing commerce and payment solutions that global, seamless and personalized, and able to solve real-world problems.

Marcus also introduced the proprietors of The Greedy Goat, a UK goat milk ice cream shop who will be among the first businesses to use a new chip and PIN version of PayPal Here. PayPal pre-announced the new version of the mobile payments solution last week.