Offline German Retailers are Going Omnichannel, with a Boost from eBay

eBay News Team

In October, eBay launched a local marketplace project helping small business retailers in a small German town bring their store online.

eBay Germany has its sights set on offline retailers. It is bringing the ones who live in the German town of Moenchengladbach online on eBay and helping them to combine offline and online selling with omnichannel retail approaches.

More than 50 previously offline-only sellers have joined the project and are very positive about the program. To facilitate inventory and shop presentation for these sellers, a specific site was built within the platform

In the short video above, you can learn much more about eBay Germany’s new Local Marketplace and the site.

The project will run until mid-2016 and provides great ways to highlight eBay’s position as a strong partner to SMBs and traditional retailers, and to tell the stories of our sellers.