Diversity & Inclusion

Our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Report

Damien Hooper-Campbell, Chief Diversity Officer

Hear from our Chief Diversity Officer on our commitment to D&I — today and beyond.

Editor's Note: Today, we published our annual Diversity & Inclusion report and website. Read more from our Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at eBay—especially now, as the world sits in the grasp of a vast pandemic. In our 2019 D&I Report, we hope to provide you with a clear and authentic picture of D&I at eBay. We also hope that you have some idea of our successes and where we’ve had a chance to shine—as well as a sense of where we strive to grow and learn as we move forward.

This year, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to note that since the very beginning, and at our heart, we are a community. We are a community made up of diverse individuals, each of us enriched with different stories, backgrounds and perspectives. Here at eBay, we come together, as employees (past, present and future), sellers, and buyers. No matter our roles, we share the same purpose-driven desire to empower people and create economic opportunity for all, across the globe.

Our community is open to everyone. Our bonds become stronger as we connect with each other, building on shared values while appreciating views that might differ from each of our own. We understand that tackling important areas of diversity and inclusion might sometimes make us uncomfortable—but we also know that temporary discomfort is key to permanently improving our company at every level and across our workforce, workplace and marketplace. Technology is the tool that enables our platform and processes to run smoothly. But people are the foundation of everything we do.

We know that we aren’t perfect—and that there isn’t one easy fix. We are committed to exploring more ways to make progress. Difficult questions should be asked, and challenging situations should be viewed as opportunities rather than roadblocks. We are going to keep pushing and we will work as a community to realize all of our best selves.

During this global pandemic, we believe that inclusivity and connection are even more imperative as we seek threads to unite us and as we continue to find ways to support each other.

But it’s also equally important for us to recognize and celebrate our differences. We know the importance of a community that embraces diversity, that reaches out across the world and that enables everyone, everywhere to connect and thrive. We are encouraged by the progress we are making, but we aren’t done yet. 


Damien Hooper-Campbell

Chief Diversity Officer at eBay