Overview and Demo of @ProStores 10; Video interview with @ecommerceguy #ebaynews

Richard Brewer-Hay

It has been a week since the launch of ProStores 10 and I sat down with Lin Shearer, Sr. Manager and head of marketing for ProStores, earlier today to discuss the newest release.

Highlights of ProStores 10:

** Easily integrate with your eBay inventory. Import your eBay product listings. Remove all inbound listings or convert them to products in ProStores in a single action. Assign default listing templates to your eBay items. Easily synch your inventory between ProStores and Selling Manager Pro.

** Customize your storefront. With Page Builder, a new drag-and-drop design tool, it’s easier than ever to customize your store. Create multiple layout versions of key pages. Manage page elements and rich text without using custom coding.

** Advertise and promote your store. Highlight your store discounts and promotions with images and text. Schedule and associate advertising banners to specific promotions.

** Manage catalogs easily. Manage large catalogs and assign products to categories faster with enhanced search, sort, and viewing capabilities. Easily add a product to a category or advertise a product more effectively by assigning it to a featured category.

** Manage invoices and order entry with ease. Save time and provide great customer service by locating and revising orders more quickly, easily processing phone orders.


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