PayPal Announces PayPal Payments

eBay Inc. Staff

PayPal Payments helps small businesses get paid, whenever, wherever and however they do business.

Just a few weeks ago, PayPal introduced PayPal Here, the world’s first global mobile payment solution that allows small businesses to accept almost any form of payment, delivering on PayPal’s vision for anytime, anywhere, any way payments for small businesses.

At the time, PayPal hinted that this was just part of a comprehensive revamp of its products. On April 5, PayPal unveiled the full launch of PayPal Payments. The three-tier business product gives U.S. merchants the flexibility to easily choose a payment option that works for them. Every tier offers an integrated suite of products that makes it easy to accept payments via mobile devices and in-store as well as online.

PayPal already has the most comprehensive set of merchant products on the market. And, it’s about to get even better with PayPal Payments. Here’s what it includes:

  • PCI-compliant online checkout options – helps merchants simplify their workload for proving PCI compliance
  • Online checkout optimized for mobile transactions – gives small businesses an instant way to accept payments on any mobile device
  • Invoicing – easy to use, instant invoicing solutions
  • Offline payment acceptance - ability to accept credit cards on smartphones
  • And PayPal Debit MasterCard – fast access to cash and 1 percent cash back on eligible purchases

Many small businesses are already taking advantage of these features to expand their online presence into new channels. "We’ve been with PayPal since I started ProAudioStar over 10 years ago,” said Ron Wolf, owner of ProAudioStar in Brooklyn, New York (pictured above). “By offering a broader set of payment options, PayPal is helping my business succeed online and offline. We’re especially excited to start using PayPal Here because we’re on the road a lot, and having a mobile payment solution like PayPal Here is the perfect way to get paid. It’s a game changer for me and for my business."

“PayPal Payments really delivers on our vision of PayPal anytime, anywhere, any way. We’re giving businesses the tools to help them get paid however they do business,“ says Peter Karpas, Vice President of North America Customer Engagement. “Online businesses can go offline, brick-and-mortar sellers can go mobile, and any business can go multi-channel to capture more customers. It’s a big leap forward for small businesses and how they take payments.”

To learn more about PayPal Payments, type “PayPalPayments” into your browser or visit the new PayPal Payments home page at