Android Tablets Take Credit Card Payments with PayPal Here

Lucy He, PayPal Here Product Manager

We want people to feel empowered to start businesses from the ground-up. With PayPal Here, we’ve been helping many small businesses grow by enabling them to get paid anywhere – in their stores and on the go. We’re also giving their customers the convenience to pay using their mobile devices by checking-in through the PayPal app.

phabWe want you, the businesses we work with, to be able to accept payments wherever you are and on whatever device works best for your business. Earlier this year, Gartner reported that 62 percent of tablets purchased in 2013 were Android™.

A lot of you are probably in that percentage. So, starting today, we are introducing the PayPal Here app for Android tablets, now available for download on the Google Play store in five markets – including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Just like the PayPal Here app for Android phones, the tablet version has all your favorite features so you won’t miss a sales opportunity, whether you’re using your phone or tablet to take payments. You can:

- Accept credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments with PayPal.

- Manage Items so you can customize your inventory and products.

- Monitor Sales Activity so you check your sales history and transfer funds straight from the app.

- Customize your selling experience with the ability to set discounts, taxes and tips.

- Swipe Cards anywhere so you can make a sale no matter what screen you are in.

 Another added benefit? We recently rolled out the new PayPal Here reporting feature across all platforms (including iOS® and Android devices). We’re excited to bring this feature to the app for Android tablets so you can pull and export sales reports on the spot making it easier than ever to manage your business while on the go.

 At PayPal, we are focused on helping you grow your business by providing you a full set of payment solutions to help you get paid online, in retail stores, and on the go, no matter what platform you’re using. Go here to check out the PayPal Here app for Android tablets on the Google Play store.


Editor’s Note: On Thursday, Sept. 18, the post above appeared on the PayPal Forward blog.