PayPal Introduces New 'Forward' Site

eBay Inc. Staff


In an effort to join PayPal technology innovation with the art of storytelling, PayPal has relaunched its corporate website. The newly revamped PayPal: Forward replaces the old PayPal blog and will feature stories from not only PayPal executives, but also technology and commerce advocates, business partners, retail leaders and everyday small business owners. Discussion topics will include new products, events and technology.

"Think of this [site] as gathering place where we can all use our storytelling power to get a handle on how technology is changing how we can pay for the items that matter to us, and transform our lives," notes PayPal President David Marcus in his introductory post. "It’s a forum for PayPal employees, customers, critics, merchants, developers, and, generally, anybody who is intrigued by what’s going and interested in influencing what comes next. In other words, just about everybody."