PayPal’s Send Money App for Facebook Marries Gifting and Social Media

eBay Inc. Staff

With a few clicks, users can turn Facebook wall posts into gifts — complete with e-cards.

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of active PayPal users also actively use Facebook? With that in mind, PayPal has delivered a new application to make it even easier to send money directly from Facebook. The new Send Money application on Facebook allows users to turn Facebook wall posts into actual gifts.

Facebook users can now send money to friends and family along with an e-card, photos, videos and a message. The process requires just a few clicks and a PayPal account.
The Send Money application’s roots have a relationship to the inception of PayPal itself. Believe it or not, PayPal originally began as a way for people to “beam” money between Palm Pilots. Today, you can send money online from, via mobile apps and now via Facebook.

“PayPal is going to where friends and family connect now,” said J.B. Coutinho, Senior Product Manager at PayPal. “In a world that’s turning increasingly to social media, we are giving our customers the flexibility to send their money to whoever they want, whenever they want and for whatever occasion they want.”

According to Facebook, about 50 percent of its 800 million users log onto the social media network daily and average about 130 friends. And, the Greeting Card Association estimates that Americans send 500 million e-cards annually.

Using the new Send Money application is easy. First, you visit PayPal’s Send Money app page on Facebook. You select a card for your occasion and choose a recipient. You can then personalize the card with a message, photos and videos. Then, log in to your PayPal account within the app, choose the dollar amount to give, and click send. The card is immediately posted to the recipient’s wall, and the message on the e-card is kept private.

So go ahead, instantly reach out and delight your friends and family with a PayPal e-card and gift.