Augmented reality in your hand. eBay Fashion iPhone App now includes "See It On" Sunglasses feature

Richard Brewer-Hay

The year is a mere 7 days young and one of the eBay Ink SMSeller predictions (from @eBetsy) is already in full swing. The eBay Mobile team has been working on some new functionality for some of its applications that seems to be right out of a Sci-Fi movie. With the release of the updated eBay Fashion iPhone app today, augmented reality has become… well, a reality [groan]…

Version 1.2 of the eBay Fashion iPhone app is now live in the App store and includes a new “See It On” Sunglasses feature (requires iPhone 4 & iOS 4.0) that uses augmented reality to let shoppers virtually try on sunglasses! Here’s how it works…

1. Access “See It On” from the app’s front page

2. Isolate an image of yourself using a front-facing camera

3. Choose different styles, including Aviator, Novelty, Fashion, Giro, Wayfarer and Rimless, as well as frames and lenses in multiple colors

4. Fit the glasses to your face using a pinch and zoom measurement

5. Purchase the perfect pair, right from the palm of your hand!

Check out this demo video highlighting the app:

Something tells me sunglasses are just the beginning. I’m sure we’ll be seeing similar features for any number of accessories in the not-to-distant future. And for now, that future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades [double groan].


More core features of the eBay Fashion iPhone App:
** New direct access to expanded categories—including Jewelry, Watches, Wedding—from the palm of your hand.
** A Personalized Closet allowing users to add, store and curate fashion finds in one place.
** An Outfit Builder enabling users to mix and match items from their Closet and virtually try them on – through an augmented reality feature – to create unique looks.
** Direct entry to the eBay Fashion Vault offering instant access to new, fixed price clothing, shoes and accessories at great value through exclusive, limited time discounts on coveted designer brands so users never have to miss a sale.
** A Virtual Style Gallery showcasing the latest trends and fashions on the home screen in a slide show format. Users simply tap the picture of an item they like to search for similar items available on eBay’s Marketplace.
** Auto Complete Feature: Automatically recognizes similar popular searches and fills in the rest of the search term.
** A customized eBay account view from the fashion perspective through My eBay (Fashion), only displaying fashion listings for easier organization and to help users plan their wardrobe. Users can always see their entire My eBay contents from the core eBay iPhone app or at