Small Business at eBay: BHFO

eBay News Team

How a husband and wife team grew their business to $40 million in sales – and helped their community along the way.

Both Stacie and Jon Sefton ran businesses for other companies before deciding to pursue a shared dream of running their own. Stacie and Jon started BHFO with the vision of providing opportunity for their local community in Iowa. Named after their two daughters, Brittany and Hannah, BHFO now employs over 150 employees locally and is projecting $40 million in sales this year alone.  


With eBay, what started as packaging 50 boxes a day into Stacie’s car has now expanded to an operation that employs robotic technology to bring customers over 160 thousand items a month. BHFO partners with manufacturers worldwide in order to bring customers clothing, shoes and accessories at a deep discount. But what stands at the heart of BHFO for Stacie and Jon is its emphasis on relationship building; the business works to prioritize customer service and recently reached over two million positive reviews on eBay’s platform.