Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Fashionphile

eBay News Team

Meet Sarah Davis, owner of Fashionfile, one of our featured sellers in celebration of Small Business Saturday.

This year eBay is proud to be an official supporter of Small Business Saturday. Taking place on November 26, the holiday serves as a reminder of what important role SMBs play in our global economy and encourages consumers to shop small.

Small businesses are a crucial component of the eBay machine and are what make our marketplace unique. The SMBs on our platform bring a vast selection of goods to our marketplace as well as friendly, personalized customer service. One of these businesses is Fashionphile.

Located in Carlsbad, California, Fashionphile grew out of Sarah Davis’ bedroom and her love for fashion and practicality. Now, over 17 years later, Fashionphile has not only become the leading online reseller of pre-owned luxury handbags, but also one of the most trusted sources in the secondary market. The brand has become synonymous with trust, competitive value, and unparalleled customer service.

Though Fashionphile has also expanded to its own website, Sarah credits the business’s success in large part to eBay.  Fashionphile’s online success has resulted in the opening of three boutiques across California. Sarah’s revolutionary vision of a safe and easy shopping destination for the buying and selling of luxury handbags has enabled thousands to reclaim designer bags and accessories at exceptional value.

Fashionphile offers its customers the largest selection of pre-owned vintage, rare, and limited edition handbags from some of the most coveted luxury designers. Buyers can shop for the latest models all the way to vintage pieces.

In 2014, the power of eBay’s global marketplace had another positive effect on Fashionphile, when a popular Brazilian blogger purchased from Fashionphile while on a trip to New York. Moments after the blogger shared her positive experience with her followers, word about Fashionphile spread like fire throughout Brazil. The spike allowed Fashionphile to expand its international sales to new customers in Brazil.

Over the years the business has had the honor to be recognized by: Good Morning America, The Today Show, E! Entertainment TV Live from the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards, and The Wall Street Journal.

We should be in awe of stories like Sarah’s and while we are, we know they’re simply a testament to the power of the Internet and eBay’s marketplace.

Check out our dedicated Small Business Saturday shopping destination, where we feature inventory from amazing sellers like Sarah.