Treasures Hunted: My Dad was in a Miller Beer Ad

Jennifer Lowe, eBay Staff

The hunt for an old print ad on eBay helped reconnect one man to his late father.

It all started with a beer ad.

As a kid, Michael Greco was no stranger to the stage. His dad, Joe Greco, was an actor. Joe had appeared in films ranging from The Nutty Professor to The Untouchables.

In fact, Michael himself went on to become an actor, partly thanks to the support and role model he had in his dad. 

“You get rejected more often than not,” said Michael about when he was beginning his own acting career. “My dad was so positive, telling me to do the best I can and feel good knowing that you did the best you could.”

Still, when Joe passed away a few years ago, there were plenty of projects that Joe had done that Michael was unaware of – like a print ad for Miller beer.

“A friend of mine was in an antique shop or secondhand store in Virginia about two or three weeks ago and texted me a picture: ‘Is this your dad?’” Michael explained. “I looked at it and was like, ‘Oh my God, it is.’ But it had already been sold.”

Not dissuaded, Michael went on Facebook and asked his friends for help finding it:


Within an hour, a friend wrote back with a link to the exact Miller ad listed on eBay: 

print ad 2

Michael ordered it immediately. He also notified the seller that the ad was a picture of his dad. The seller was thrilled to have been able to connect Michael with an item that had so much meaning. 

When Michael received the ad, he said it brought the biggest smile to his face:

print ad 3

“I smile at it every time I pass by it,” said Michael. “It’s right there in my office. I look at it every single day.”


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