Wal-Mart's Trade-In vs. eBay's Marketplace

eBay Inc. Staff


Wal-Mart made headlines today with its newly announced trade-in program for smartphone, coinciding with the unveiling of Apple’s latest iPhone. But while the retail giant may boast of having the largest brick-and-mortar trade-in program in the U.S., it may not offer the best deal. In a best-case scenario, Wal-Mart offers $300 for your used smartphone — and sometimes as little as $50. That’s in store credit, which you can only use to buy another smartphone at Wal-Mart.

But as reporters noted, you could potentially sell your smartphone on eBay for up to $430 — in cash. Spend it anywhere you like!

“If we look back a month ago today, at the number of listings we had for iPhone 5′s, we can say that we have seen a 44 percent uptick in the number of iPhone 5′s for sale on the platform,” said Jeff Somers, vice president of eBay North America marketplaces, in an interview with CNBC. “[Consumers] are getting their items ready for sale on eBay so that they can trade-up or take advantage of new opportunities to move into a new phone by selling their phone on eBay.”

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