Want to Sell Your Comic Book Collection? Let a Top eBay Comics Seller Do It for You

eBay News Team

Sparkle City Comics is part of eBay Consignment Center, and can help get the best prices for your collection.

Comic Con 2017 was in full swing in San Diego, California recently, and the convention attracted droves of comic collectors, sellers and enthusiasts. Comics fans also have a large presence on eBay, where Sparkle City Comics is one of our top-selling comic book dealers. In the past year, Sparkle City Comics has seen double-digit sales growth, and it is also part of eBay Consignment Center, our hub for customers who want to partner with a trusted eBay seller to sell their collectibles.

Do you have a comic book collection that you would like to sell, or do you want to sell part of your collection? If so, consider letting the experts at Sparkle City Comics do the selling for you. Selling on your behalf is the primary function of eBay Consignment Center, and Sparkle City Comics can help get the best prices for your comic collection.

“Sparkle City Comics has been at the pinnacle of the comic book industry since its founding in 1976,”said Brian Schutzer, the company’s owner. “Sparkle City Comics maintained its growth and dominance nationwide over the decades as comic collecting was transformed from a fledgling hobby into a multi-billion dollar industry.”

With over 40 years of experience, Sparkle City is always buying entire collections, warehouse holdings, entire stores or single comic books. “Over the past five years we have moved toward offering to let our sales power and expertise work for collectors,” Schutzer said. “Sparkle City Comics' consignment service offers some of the lowest consignment rates available, with no buyer's premiums or other fees which may reduce the final amount realized by consignors. If you have a collection, holding or items that you are considering selling, do not hesitate to call or email us.” 

Working with eBay Consignment Center, customers have a lot of flexibility. They can negotiate shipping and terms with individual consignment sellers such as Sparkle City Comics, and much more information on the program is available here.

What kinds of sales might Sparkle City Comics be able to generate for you? Part of that depends on what you own in your collection. Recently, Sparkle City sold a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, which features the first appearance of Spiderman, for $41,100. Consider seeing what your collection might generate selling on consignment.