Watch CEO Devin Wenig Speaking on Social Impact and Today's Workforce

Sebastian Rupley, eBay News Team

You can watch a webcast replay, including discussion of the workforce amidst new technologies, and the importance of inclusion.

eBay President and CEO Devin Wenig joined the #MIGlobal Milken Conference panel, “Creating Meaningful Lives for the 21st Century Workforce,” which was livestreamed at 9:30am PT on May 1. Tune in to the webcast replay, for an interesting conversation on the future of the workforce, especially given the implications of new technologies ranging from AI to robotics. The replay is available on the right, here.

The panel discussion also covered social impact and corporate responsibility. “Social impact for me is part of our core competitive mission,” Devin said. "What inclusion is about is getting the best people. If you create an environment where people genuinely believe they can be their best selves, then you get the best people. Inclusion isn't just about a social mission to make us feel good, but about running a competitive business."

Also at the Milken Conference, Devin participated in a panel discussion titled "Trends Shaping Technology Business & Society," hosted by journalist Kara Swisher.