When It Comes to Trading Card Selling, PWCC Is Changing the Game

eBay News Team

Let PWCC, part of eBay Consignment Center, secure the best price for your trading card collection.

Have a trading card collection to sell? Consider partnering with PWCC to get the job done.  

Specializing in both vintage and modern graded trading cards, PWCC have been in business for 19 years. They pride themselves on providing collectors a more efficient, cost-effective option for building and selling their collections. With Top 200 cards represented in each monthly auction, PWCC offers some of the finest inventory.

The group aims to restore the fun of card collecting – primarily because they, too, are passionate collectors. With more than 150,000 items sold annually, PWCC streamlines the auction process with efficient, high-quality service without the standard 20-30% consignment fees charged by traditional auction houses.

Consigning with PWCC through the eBay Consignment Center is designed to be both fun and easy. With PWCC, consigners can expect high quality service, as well as the fastest payments and lowest rates of any established auction house. When you consign with PWCC, your inventory is in the company of some of the highest quality cards in the industry. In addition, they have unique programs in place to support both buyers and sellers.

“eBay is a global marketplace, and the access to bidders in unparalleled,” said Brent Huigens, President of PWCC. “Anyone interested in buying our items can find them through the eBay sales platform.”

Wondering how much your card or collection could be worth? Let the experts at PWCC get you the best price – they once sold a 1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie card graded PSA 8 for $486,000. Read more about the eBay Consignment Center program here